How Many Women in the Room?

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Seven-Step Formula to Stop the Gap By Diana D. Price, CEO Diana Price and Associates When women get involved, it is to make a meaningful impact in peoples lives and serve. We must speak loudly that our mission is to create a pipeline of successful women. By Chance or By Change Life won’t get…

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Top 5 Ways to Close the Women in the Room Gap

Close the Women in the Room Gap

Where are the Women In the Room? By Diana D. Price, CEO Diana Price and Associates Women Must Use Everything We Have To Get What We Want. We need more access to sponsors, economic opportunities, resources, top level mentoring, financing, education and transformational learning to get in the spotlight. Women are to silent in business…

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Diana D. Price Nominated for Rising Star and Philanthropist of the Year

WMD_2016_nominee_IG FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Chris Hodge Media: Diana D. Price, CEO Diana Price & Associates is a Nominee for “Los Angeles Business Journal Rising Star and Philanthropist of the Year” Los Angeles, CA – May 23, 2016 – Diana Price and Associates is excited to announce that Diana D. Price, the CEO of…

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Step Out In Faith, Insist on Your Success

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Your Persistence and Faith Muscles Will Affect Your Outcome Stepping out in faith means being prepared to take risks.  Just about everything we do in life involves some kind of risk. It is rare to find an outcome that has no risk. Theres a chance that we will not see tomorrow and if so, would you…

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What’s Stopping You From Creating a New Ending?

Stacie LaFargue

Your Best Creation is Your Brand New Ending   posted by Are you whining and complaining about the lack of productivity and profits in your business and the problems in your life?  Wake Up!  Only you can control your destiny and the process of transformation in your life. There has never been a better…

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Squashed Authenticity

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A Little Discomfort May Be Just What You Need How do you handle it when someone infringes upon your beliefs? When you feel like your core values are being challenged or threatened, it’s a 100% normal reaction to protect yourself by withdrawing your authenticity. I call this allowing yourself to get squashed. We learn to…

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Showcase Your Sizzle, Flaunt Your Hustle Muscles

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Sizzle, Don’t Whine Prepare to Shine Whining and complaining rarely works for the most part.When you whine you waste your energy, time, talent and resources.  I believe everyone complains, and sometimes don’t know they complain.  Complaining can sometimes build a bond between people with the same complaint. The more you complain the more negative you…

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Clean Sweep Your Life Into A High Performing Machine

Clean Sweep Your Life DPA

The Recipe to Cultivate Better Choices and Clean Up Your Life The choices you make will bring you closer to or farther away from what you want to become. I speak from experience. Five years ago I began to look at the pattern of my life. I made some bad choices. I had obligations and…

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When Did We Forget the Value of New Experiences?

The Value of New Experiences, Diana Price & Associates The 9 Step Formula to Survive New Experiences Did you know that embracing new experiences and learning do new things is rated among the top 10 American Values? If you have not heard, it is perfectly ok to feel uncertain or even embarrassed when you are making a transition into new territory. When you explore…

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Design What Takes Place in Your Life

Design What Takes Place In Your Life

The Vision You Design Will Affect Your Outcomes The power of how you create yourself determines your entire world. You influence your world around you in a neutral, positive or negative way. Its about you making a consistent effort to be your best as a standard practice, Only you will know if your results are what you…

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