3 Things to Know About How To Get Into the Spotlight

Get in the Spotlight, This is What Professional Speakers Do

Getting your message across by speaking.  It is a great way to promote your business and become recognized as an expert in your industry. When you get in the spotlight, you become the face of your business.  This takes repetitive practice. Even if speaking come naturally to some people, it is wise to be overly prepared. To help you Get in the Spotlight and start you on the road to public speaking success, I have 3 tips and some cool tools to help you learn to embrace your nerves, deliver great content that motivates your audience. Listen for the tools on Spicy Business Talk, Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 12 noon PT http://ustre.am/1hoE3

engage your audience

  1. Put Your Focus on What Your Audience Needs, Not What You Want Them to Hear

    Think of yourself as being in your audience and center your talk on their problems and needs. Know who your audience is, what they like, their roles and responsibilities, their demographics, their issues.When you prepare your talk, be brief on your slides. Edit them time and again and delete at least 80% of what you want to say. You want to prepare your content based on they need and what you think they need and what you want them to need.  Your audience does not care as much about your content as you do. They are not married to anything you have to say. Bring emotion and energy into your presentation. Make them feel the emotion that they need to be empowered to use your advice.

  2. Know Everything About Your Content

    When you love what you do, know your topic, and are well prepared, speaking is enjoyable and so much fun.  If you have several topics that you know well, pick one and make it your signature topic and become more expert on the topic that anyone else. Master your topic from every angle. When you get on stage you will be comfortable and able to communicate, connect and convey your message with fluidity because you know your material.

  3. Spice It Up, Be Energetic

    When people sign up to attend an event they come to learn something and to be entertained. They don’t want to hear boring, bland monotone presentation. Regardless of whether they pay to come to the event or not, your job is the entertain, and inspire them engage with you. Your topic can’t engage the audience. That’s your job. Get in front of the mirror each time you practice your speech. Also, have someone shoot a video of you. Play it back over and again. Look at your body language. Start making notes for what need to be adjusted. Your goal is to engage your audience first, then empower them to want to internalize and take action on your message. It’s about combining your content with a spicy speaking style. If you are a leader, loosen up and show that you are human.  Shed the executive role and let people know who you are.

Gray and Pink Side front copyDiana D. Price, The Master Communications and Business Culture Strategist, Speaker, and Forensic Travel Expert captivates her audience with sizzle, high-energy, high content, and uniqueness. Diana’s engages, interacts and has fun with her audiences, while they learn valuable nuggets that can be immediately put into action. Diana has worked with over 1000 professionals and teaches her clients a simple evidenced-based process for taking focused responsibility.

Diana has help hundreds of people overcome nervousness, build a thriving service culture and package their thoughts into a powerful message and a profitable business.

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