Pursuing the Portrait of Your Purpose

Go Beyond Your Boundaries to Get More…

More Opportunities, More Happiness, More Passion in Relationships, More Sizzle in Life, More Meaning, More Profit, More Business, More Money, More Energy, More, More, More…

Groom and Grow

  • IASA Executive Education RoundtableKeep getting more.

  • Equip your business with the right message and resources that will grow your business and self-lead yourself. 

  • Build your leadership profile, and sculpt a thriving business culture.

  • Be more convincing, convey your message and convince more customers to buy your products.

It’s the conversation everyone wants in on, how to sculpt a thriving service culture, capture more leads, and convert more sales. Get ready to learn how to naturally sizzle with influence and get the results you want.

chair celebration 912015With Diana Price and Associates, learn how to incorporate a one on one customer marketing system and personal development plan that you and your team can duplicate when you are not around.

Interact with us.  We love sharing our evidenced based knowledge and experience and providing advice, tips and valuable nuggets on how to leverage,differentiate and delightfully promote your products and services. 

Diana Mentoring Private Leadership RetreatDiana Price and Associates teaches companies and business professionals personal and professional skills that put your customers first.  We arm you with the essential service mentality and skills to go beyond your boundaries, have maximum impact and have fun while providing exceptional value to your customers and making endless money for you and your business.  

Customer Delight  is a One-to-One Proposition

Diana Price and Associates, DPA, Delights in changing your buyers into relationships, employees into heroes, and making sustainable service relevant at every level of engagement.




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