Are There Any Women in The Room?

Are Women Too Silent in Business and Politics?

Do you think women need to have more access to economic opportunities, resources such as financing, education and training to put themselves in the spotlight? I believe we need more women in top leadership at businesses large and small; in government, and in every industry, period.

There is a Women in the Room Gap that is visible and continues to persists.

In far too many situations in business and politics there may be a single women representative. It is difficult to think of an industry where women leaders outnumber men. What’s the real reason why there are not more women in business and politics? Isn’t there plenty of room at the top for us?

The Stress/Pressure Concern

If we lack leadership ambition in business and politics, stress and pressure may be the reason that’s in the top spot.  The need to balance business and lifestyle coupled with the heavy stress and pressure concerns no double keeps the gap widening.

The Playing Field

As a woman, I understand when I hear other women say that the playing fields is uneven.  Women, sometimes because of gender, have fewer advancement opportunities and have to work harder than men. As a result, women are alone and underrepresented in most industries, including politics.

Do Men Pull Their Weight at Home?

In 2015 compared to 1965, according to Pew Research Center, more men have tripled the amount of time they spend with their children and doubled the amount of time they spend doing housework. Yes, and it is awesome to see the trend with men.  In two parent households where both partners work, 41 percent of women report doing more child care and 30 percent report doing more chores, according to a comprehensive study by Women In The Workplace .  At the end of the day, women continue to pull more weight at home than men do.


It’s really ok to want to be a great mother. Furthermore, most women actually want to spend time raising and nurturing their children. What a concept. Working mothers have to make hard decisions when balancing a career with family life. This is where we may lose some awesome women. It does not have to be that way.  Women, you don’t have to give up their career, unless you want to.

Do Women Hold Back?

The barriers women face are factual and can lead to women choosing silence and not show up. When I think about the number of women that are the primary support for her family, I empathize and can identify with the choice to be silent.   It takes courage to put your family on the line for something that could label you and cause career problems. However, this is the same reason women need support to own our voice, speak up, lead run and win.

For women to overcome these obstacles, we have to start by knowing who we are, that means we must find our voice. We can’t be silent about our uniqueness, our strengths, and the contribution we can make. We have always been good team players, and that is all good.  It’s about playing on the team and and leading with our individuality. It’s all about feeling good about taking charge to lead, run and win. If we remain silent, there is no issue.

Women are at least 50% of the workforce and we have the spending power of a nation! Women don’t hold back when it comes to consumer purchasing, just ask my sister! Women’s buying power and influence accounts for 70-80% of all consumer purchasing. We either pay for purchases or influence the purchase decision.

Women have higher customer service expectations. I believe that service is a crucial differentiator for women. I also believe women’s expectations for an exceptional customer experience rolls over to business, politics and any industry women are in. For me, and for thousands of women I have either interviewed, coached, or connected with, women often feel that when they get involved, it is to make a meaningful impact in peoples lives and be of service.

First Female President of the United States in 2016?

With two female candidates for President of the United States, Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina, America has a good chance of having it’s first woman president. When you get more involved in politics you have a voice. When your voice is silent no one knows or cares about you or your concerns. Hillary and Carly make it crystal clear what they are thinking in this presidential primary.  So the bottom line, women have power beyond our wildest dreams. Just like anything else, when you don’t use your power, you lose it. We have to use our influence and turn it into power and economic opportunities. Can women elect the First Female President of the United States? Stay tuned!

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Ana CubasAna has devoted her life to public service.  She is passionate about helping low-income communities and has worked in the education, non-profit, and Federal, State and City government sectors since 1995. As an immigrant, and the first in her family to attend college, she knows first-hand the struggles of low-income families.

Ana Cubas ran for Los Angeles City Council District 9 in 2013.  She raised $550,000 for both primary and run-off elections, setting a record for female candidates in the City of Los Angeles.

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