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Diana with Lisa NicholsDiana Price and Lisa Nichols have a lot in common, especially this statement:  Stand in your own truth and power even when it is inconvenient!

Ask yourself every day: What can I do to bring the result I want to me? What am I doing to get one step closer to my goal?

You need to do more than just think about it or talk about it. Sometimes we think about something we want so hard or we talk about it so much with others that we mistakenly think we are in action about it. But that’s not action.

If you are not doing something that takes you a step closer, than you are really doing something that’s taking you further away from your desires. There’s no limbo here. You’re either moving toward something or away from something.

Set your goal, give yourself a period of time to make it happen, and then do one tangible thing every day that takes you in the right direction. It could be a giant step, or it could be a baby step. But just take a step.

It may be something as small as making a phone call or sending an email  to order a course catalogue from your local college if you want to finish your degree and change careers in the next few years. Or it could be as big as moving into a senior leadership role or changing your career strategy from corporate to entrepreneur within 90 days.

Let’s say you want to improve the way you communicate by focusing more intentionally on being more engaging and spicy.  Your goal is to work on your centering yourself in inner boldness, and convey message that are compelling and deliver it with authenticity. Practice this one hour a day, five days a week. Give yourself 30 days.   Then email me and say, Diana, You Rock!

After 30 days you’ve incorporated inner boldness consistently into your interactions. It’s now part of your blueprint. You may then choose to change your program because you want to commit more time to another important goal, but you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you have the self-discipline to achieve anything you want.

Regardless of what you do, love and celebrate the action you took. That’s your momentum. That’s the fuel that’s in your tank.  At the end of the week you will have done five or six things that have brought you one step closer to what you are claiming to be yours.

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