Clean Sweep Your Life Into A High Performing Machine

The Recipe to Cultivate Better Choices and Clean Up Your Life

The choices you make will bring you closer to or farther away from what you want to become. I speak from experience. Five years ago I began to look at the pattern of my life. I made some bad choices.

I had obligations and fears that kept me stuck in a box with no room to move. At that time it was easier for me to follow the unhealthy routine of working 16 hour days to stay on top of my corporate game. This lifestyle was beyond stressful. I asked myself why I chose to be ok with long hours, and with the price I was paying with my health and my marriage. I concluded that I did not have a lot of choices. The bills had to be paid. But when I got sick, the long hours, the corporate standing just didn’t matter anymore. It was time to make better choices and take control of my life.

I had to clean sweep my life, stop stressing, detach junk food, get fit, discard stagnant friends, and eject my mental blocks to gain the confidence and motivation that I needed to be productive, happy and successful, period.

Reset Your New Life

My new life has been reset and is very different. It took a while to clean up the mess. I have new friendships, better fitness habits, and a consulting firm that I love. I am a teacherpreneur. I use my knowledge and tools to shape new experiences and help people create their visions and dreams just like I did. My consulting practice is much more powerful than my work as a corporate leader. I do what I love, period.

My Show, Spicy Business Talk, Tuesdays at 12 noon PT is where we share nuggets to balance business and life challenges, inspire people to try new experiences, and interview speakers, executives, entrepreneurs, authors and thought leaders about their passion and their path to success. Please make a date on your calendar to join us!

Diana D. Price, CEO Diana Price & Associates; Forensic Travel Expert; Producer Spicy Business Talk,

Diana D. Price, CEO Diana Price & Associates; Forensic Travel Expert; Producer Spicy Business Talk

It is an awesome feeling to help people shift their thinking, make better choices and see their life differently. I now use my past corporate expertise in my work as a forensic travel expert, where I help attorneys defend their cases in court.

New experiences are welcome more than ever before in my life. I have created a new life that is so different from 5 years ago. It is all due to my consistent focus and my bold and spicy recipe that helped me create a mind shift and a new life.

Join me for an online presentation Program Your Genius to Get What You Want.  This Bold and Spicy Formula will help you start looking at everything in your life as a possibility. Clear your mind and create the new life that you envision. Learn, grow and make it work, no matter what. You are the author of your life by the choices you make.

Nine Crucial Lifetime Choices

  1. Love yourself first, live in the moment, appreciate nature, sounds, do something you love

  2. Your relationship and care of your body, food and exercise

  3. New experiences; be curious, seek change and transitions

  4. Your mindset and your heart drives your head

  5. How you manage stress and anxiety

  6. Your career choices and career changes drive your life

  7. Your life partner

  8. Your friends and family

  9. What you buy and what you save

The Bold and Spicy Formula To Clean Sweep Your Life to A High Performing Machine

This is a formula to connect you to what you truly want in the critical areas of your life. Your life today is the direct result of all the choices you have made, or someone made for you, in the past. Your future self will be the result of the good and bad choices you make from this day forward. Use this formula to focus on how to choose wisely and create your clean sweeping new life.

Follow My Bold and Spicy Formula to Choose and Connect With What You Want in Your Life. 

  • Have the right perspective. Look at all sides of an issue and use your intuition to guide you

  • Expose your conduct; what are your patterns of behavior

  • Find out why you hold on to limited thinking, take your ego out of the equation; Know the reasons why your mindset and patterns of behavior prevent your success from happening

  • Realize that you can end a deficient cycle and make choices that matter for a better life

  • Don’t delay; take action; don’t look for perfection, get help;

  • Identify what your behavior is costing you

  •  Follow through; implement your choices

This formula will give you insight, understanding and awareness of your patterns of behavior, your actions and the choices you make. You have the capacity to consciously make better choices and intentionally create the change you want in every area of your life.

Join the Program Your Genius webinar March 11, 2016, at 12 noon. I will dig deep into clean sweeping your life and the step by step process to create what you truly love. Discover and access your creative side, how to form your vision and take action to achieve your end result. Move your life from where you are today to what you want to your life to be now. Learn how to make better choices and recognize the importance of sustained focus to create the reality you want. Click the link to join the meeting.

Bold and Spicy Formula to Clean Sweep Your Life = Perspective+Behavior+Mindset+Choices+Cost+Action+Follow Through

(Px10 + Bx2 + Mx2) + (Cx5 + Cx2 + Ax5 + Fx10)

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