Design What Takes Place in Your Life

The Vision You Design Will Affect Your Outcomes

The power of how you create yourself determines your entire world. You influence your world around you in a neutral, positive or negative way. Its about you making a consistent effort to be your best as a standard practice, Only you will know if your results are what you want them to be.

Life Success Starts With Vision & Values

Your values plant the seeds that cultivate your vision. When you give yourself permission to dream big it helps to create your vision. Your vision and your values must complement one another because ultimately it will help you get what you want. Don’t think you can quickly create a strong vision that you are completely satisfied with. It takes time to clearly define your vision.

When you dig deep and reflect on your true desires, it can be a wake up call, especially when you ask yourself, why do I want this? When you know where you are going, you are more likely to get the outcome you want and succeed beyond your expectations versus not having a vision or a plan.

Create a Visual Image of Your Goals

What goal do you want most to accomplish? Set your goal to increase your chances of success. You goal should motivate and inspire you. Find images and quotes to help you get motivated and include them to help you stay enthusiastic. If you understand the value of creating a good plan, you understand the importance of making time to be productive and have fun in the process. You must put the effort in and not forget that you have goals. Allocate time for your goals and track your progress.  Have something to strive for.

Make Dramatic Changes

Your job is to figure out what road you will take to reach your destination. What specifications would you want when you design your life just the way you want it? What would be different if you are working within your vision and values?

Leanne DiSanto

Leanne DiSanto

Learn what happens when you listen to your head, heart and your gut, with Leanne Disanto, Diana’s guest on Spicy Business Talk, Tuesday February 16, 2016 at 12 noon PT. Join us live at  Call 323.965.1600 during live time!

As a Transformational Life Coach, Leanne helps you create a more engaged, energized and empowered life. She teaches you sustainable transformation by aligning how you think, eat and move with your health goals, vision and life intention.

Spicy Business Talk is a place where you can grow, adjust your mindset and design what takes place in your life. Allow your life and your business to have the right hue, tone, tint, and sizzle.

Diana D. Price, CEO, Diana Price & Associates, Forensic Travel Expert,Producer, Spicy Business Talk

Our mission is to help you balance your life inside and out, your business from top to bottom. We help you unload your mind and portion control your results.

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