Diana’s Top 12 Business Building Basics

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Diana’s Top 12 Fundamental Business Strategies

Fundamental business strategies that work over the long haul is the key to  business survival and success.  Ask yourself how you will maintain a competitive advantage as up develop each of the following 12 business strategies.

1.  Develop a Written Business Model

Find a business model that works and follow it. Write it down and be very clear on the results you want to achieve.  Associate with successful people.  Avoid negative influencers.  Commit to the process.   Use proven success models that work, just like athletes and championship teams use.

2.  Make Adjustments

Be flexible and don’t get married to your plan; make adjustments and course corrections as needed.

3.  Establish an Effective Daily Routine

Think about what your daily method of operation will be and commit it.  There is no timeframe on how long it will take for you to make money. If you have an online business the sales cycle may be different from an offline or brick and mortar business.  Be familiar with your sales cycle.

4.  Marketing and Sales

This is the most important part of your business.  Building your brand and producing income requires daily activity. Your business model and action plan must include step-by-step instructions on how you will generate leads and build lists. In both my Business Culture business and my online business I use speaking engagements, referrals, strategic networking, a viral blogging system, and social media to drive traffic. I capture these leads, build my list, and grow my business.  You must stay active, blog, create content and market that content daily.   Make this a part of your daily action plan.

5.  Personal Growth

You must continue to grow, learn new things, improve your self-awareness, develop your skills and talents.  Read every day and listen to audio.  This will help you reach your maximum potential.  If you lead, you must read to further your education and your success.  Get a business advisor to help you establish your authenticity, your core values and operate in a customer centric culture.    Get involved in personal training and development or education every week. Your personal growth and education will help you grow your business.   It is vital that you take action daily on the things you learn.

6.  Check Your Ego at the Door

You need a good business coach to help you inspect what you expect, look at what you’re doing, and push you to greater results.  A coach will hold you accountable to your commitments.  Be authentic and always follow through on commitments, even when it’s difficult and challenging. This is business, so check your ego at the door and leave it there.  Don’t take things personally and avoid emotion. Your ego is not in control here.

7.  Make Follow Up Passionate

If you don’t passionately follow-up and don’t have a system to track and nurture your leads, your marketing efforts will be wasted and there goes your business.   The people you encounter most likely want to do business with you and you must execute your part of the bargain. If you want unstoppable customer loyalty, and retention, do what you say and don’t over-promise and under deliver.   

8.  Create Systems and Keep Track of How You Do Things

You be greatly benefit from creating systems and tracking how your business operates and train your employees in your processes.  Check your numbers daily, understand what the numbers are telling you, and make decisions based on your numbers.

9.  Engage Your Team

Develop a written job description and implement regular training and development so your employees know what is required of them. Create an incentive-based rewards system, and keep a no-problem attitude about obstacles that arise.

10.   The Internet is Your Friend.

The Internet is a powerful tool.  Create your community by blogging and using social media to build rapport with your customers. Get on board and enjoy the ride.

11.   Revive your business.

Focus on net profit, not gross revenue. Detach yourself from your past history and design a new competitive advantage that includes a business culture focused on delighting your customer, exceeding expectations and follow through.

12.  Commitment is a Process – Do you get this?  Your commitment impacts your personal and business success and influences your wants and your wealth.  Business and Personal Commitments require your full-blown, hands on participation, no dream killing short cuts allowed.  Understand that instant gratification is a roadblock, and an enemy that stands in the way of your success.  I recall Steve Jobs saying “Overnight Success Stories Takes A Long Time”.  I completely agree with him.  So if you think your business is going nowhere fast, and you want to quit, resist, persevere, dig in and keep going.  Commit to your business fundamentals everyday because when you do, you commit to the process of success.

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