Do You Think You Should Be Farther Along?

Ever Compare Yourself to Other People and Think You Should Be Farther Along in Your Life?

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Does this sound familiar:

Should You Be Farther>

“I ought to be further along in my life by now” Are you judging yourself fairly?  Are you setting your expectations for your results based on the results you believe you see others reaching?

When you compare yourself to others, you are piling mountains of pressure on yourself and you never seeing the true story. 

You are concocting fictional  ingredients that may not create the dish or story that you planned.  Instead your ingredients inflict pain and leave a bad taste.

We can get very sensitive about achieving our dreams and reaching your full potential in life.

When I look back over my like and reflect on my successes – and my failures – I feel pretty awesome about where I am.

Am I completely Fulfilled? No. Completely Satisfied? Absolutely not. Frustrated?  A Big Yes.  It’s a good level of distress that  keeps me focused and seeking new opportunities, circumstances and answers.
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