Does Your Business Have an Export Component?

Don’t Let a Disaster Divorce You From Your Business

Your business is your lifeblood.  Are you prepared for a work redesign to keep it bankable?  It’s your time to get valuable tips to maintain long term success in critical times.

Just a little moreIn today’s turbulent world, more and more people I talk with are looking for better options. Join Diana D. Price, CEO Diana Price and Associates Tuesday July 14 at 12  noon Pacific Time for Spicy Business Talk on

As a result of my work, we serve and teach leaders how to get a little extra

How to protect and keep your business bankable, program your inner genius to up level your skills, package your thoughts into a powerful message…speak up with integrity…build an honest productive, profitable business, based on serving.  We help you get more of the things you love, better relationships, more clients, more money, and less of the things that don’t serve you, like running from your dreams, obstacles, and negative chatter.


Diana’s welcomes best_2Tereza Curry, Disaster Management Professional for a timely discussion, that highlights disaster planning and business expansion to Cuba.

Do You Know Your Greatest Risk Potential?  Would you survive a six month shut down? What would a shut down cost? Do you have an alternate site for operation? Is your data backed up in a separate location?

Tune in for assistance in pre-planning a catastrophic event, and get peace of mind in a chaotic environment.


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