Spicy Service Interactions

Don’t Take the Customer Experience for Granted and Kick it Around Like a Soccer Ball.

It is clear that “spicy service interactions” are needed today in business and personal interactions.  Spice is formed in you boldly in your own special way.  Spice is in us and for us and can give you substance.  Everything that you purpose is your plan and core values.

Don’t confuse Spicy Service Interactions, with fanatical or a crazy.  Your Spicy Service Culture defines how you do things personally and in your business.  Your #ServiceDrivenCulture can lead to personal well being, better customer loyalty, less turnover  and higher productivity.

Businesses must make a commitment to treat people well, no matter what.   It requires a commitment from everyone in the organization, every department working together. Leaders must declare customer engagement as a top priority, take action, provide training and service education.

To maintain a long term sustainable service culture, it has to be in everyone’s DNA.  Train your team to be committed always.  It takes work and sacrifice to get it right.

The purpose of this site is to keep exceptional customer service in the spotlight and get rid of  some of the “junk” that we call service in the workplace.

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