How Many Women in the Room?

Seven-Step Formula to Stop the Gap

By Diana D. Price, CEO Diana Price and Associates

Diana D. Price, CEO, Diana Price and Associates

Diana D. Price, CEO, Diana Price and Associates

When women get involved, it is to make a meaningful impact in peoples lives and serve.

We must speak loudly that our mission is to create a pipeline of successful women.

By Chance or By Change

Life won’t get easier or better by chance. It gets better and easier when we change and have a determination and desire to achieve that which we want to accomplish;

State of Women

It is pointless to wish it were easier. Look in the mirror and wish you were better. When we become better, we can all have more, do more, achieve more, and be more if we are willing to accept the personal challenge to look within and do whatever necessary to be a better person.

Transformational Learning

Don’t stop experiencing new things and learning about yourself. You are responsible and accountable for the path you create to achieve your goal.

Seven-Step Formula To Close the Women in the Room Gap


  1. Get a sponsor who will open doors, advocate and introduce you

  1. Develop relationships with senior leaders, top business experts, seek their advice and use it. Share what you’re doing and your aspirations

  1. Contribute, create growth, and help others grow

  1. Commit to helping another woman; share your knowledge

  1. Use your power and influence to give a hand up, influence and uplift other women

  1. Create space to form professional relationships with men, and be aware of tricky barriers that may come up

  1. Stay focused on creating opportunities, using resources, and ways to up level yourself


Diana D. Price, CEO, Diana Price and Associates, Master Communications and Business Culture Strategist, Speaker and Forensic Travel Expert. Diana devotes her life and her business to service. She is an active mentor who cares, listens and advises. She is passionate about using and sharing her leadership knowledge to serve others.

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