How Much Real Estate is Enough? Tuesday 12 noon on Spicy Business Talk Radio

Take Control of Opportunities and Education to Get the American Dream, Tuesday 12 noon PT September 30, 2014 on Diana’s Spicy Business Talk Radio and

Butch Grimes“Butch” Charles Grimes is in the S.E.A.T. with Diana D. Price on Diana’s Spicy Business Talk Radio.  Butch is a seasoned real estate Broker, Expert with over 25 years in the real estate industry. Specializing in Probate, Conservatorships and Trust. Entrepreneur, radio talk show host, columnist, community leader – a man of many hats, is committed to improving his community and the lives of those around him.

A recognized real estate authority, he is often called upon by national and multi-national companies for guidance on achieving success in the ever-evolving minority emerging markets. He has also testified before the Legislature on issues of mortgage insurance, unfair lending practices and other issues impacting the underserved communities. His success is based on a formula of trust, education and compassion, the cornerstone of his career and life.

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Diana  D. Price, CEO Diana Price Associates, Host Diana’s Spicy Business Talk Radio

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