How To Think and Feel The Right Way About Money

Do You Believe That You Can Receive and Achieve?

The Topic is Money Again! It seems like the money conversation never ends.  Change your mindset about money, understand your personal finances, create a legacy, check your money plans, your gratitude and your attitude.

Maya Angelo was right when she said:

You can only become accomplished at something you love

Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing

and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you         

                               – Maya Angelou 1928 – 2014

Are you surprised about what you think and how you feel about money? You may feel differently about money than the people around you feel.  You obviously have your own feelings about money, but guess what, your feelings are influenced by your environment, your friends and your family, especially when it comes to money. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Your MONEYWINGS on Spicy Business Talk

Tuesday 12 noon PT

Marlene_Lyall_Headshot_2015_01My guest on SpicyBusiness Talk Tuesday December 10, 2015 is Marlene Lyall. Marlene Elizabeth Lyall is a local educator, entrepreneur and parent who is passionate about helping heart-centered women transform their relationship with money.

“When it comes to wealth, attitude is everything,” Marlene shares. “If our relationship with money is damaged, our financial wings remain broken.”  Tune in Tuesday at 12noon PT and find out the 3 common money blocks and how to overcome them.


Healthy Money Mindset: Change Your Environment

9 Ingredients to Redesign Your Thinking About Money

  1. Stay focused on how you can cause abundance, don’t emphasize lack of money

  2. Form and hold a clear picture of what you expect in your mind and in heart.

  3. Ask for what you want, change your environment, plan your own path,

  4. Spend money on valuable things that you deserve to enjoy, you’ll be more productive.

  5. Have faith and financial spirituality in your vision for your future

  6. Don’t postpone your happiness

  7. Money solves financial problems, not emotional problems

  8. Give yourself helpful, manageable instructions to for how to proceed

  9. Attitude is everything; feel empowered, confident and take action

Diana D. Price, CEO, Diana Price & Associates, Producer, Spicy Business Talk

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