Negotiate Your Unique Sizzle

Serve Yourself First

When you ask for clarity, watch out what you ask for, you will get it

When you get it, take action make things happen

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Why Serve Yourself First

When you lead and serve others, your tank can not be bone dry or half full.

  • You have to love and appreciate yourself before you can step out and serve other

  • If you serve with frustration or resentment, on the outside you smile and say sure, on the inside you feel like what now…

  • You can’t be happy to serve others unless you have served yourself first…

  • The experiences in your life have served you in one way or another with new skills and knowledge

  •  Take your power back

How do you turn your experiences into fuel that Sizzles?

  1. Choose the right source of fuel for your life.

  2. How do you choose the right source of energy for Life…

  3. Everything in your life is fuel.

Reflect on how has your experiences in life prepared you for this moment in your life….

  1. the good

  2. the bad

  3. the happy

  4. the sad

  5. the right

  6. the wrong

  7. the relationships everything in between is fuel for your life.

Look at each experience in your life with a sense of peace and understanding.

  • Experience help to shape your character,

  • Build your endurance,

  • Increase your resiliency, and

  • Shape your persistence…

  • Made you the person you are today.


Sometimes experiences can become challenging to look at

 Take your power back

Have you given your power away to fear self doubt?

What’s Holding You Back?

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