Is Your Destiny Meter Aligned With Your Core?

Connect to Your Core, Align Your Purpose

Diana D. Price, MA, CEO, Diana Price and Associates Host, Producer, Spicy Business Talk

Diana D. Price, MA, CEO, Diana Price and Associates
Host, Producer, Spicy Business Talk

Purpose, in my view, is what gives you fulfillment. It’s connected to your core values, which dictates your behavior, your actions and impacts all things that are important.

You deserve to feel like what you do, your life and your work is making a contribution to something meaningful to you. It may take a while to be clear on your purpose, but when you know your purpose, your life takes on a new meaning.

Ask yourself if you are fulfilled with what you are doing. Do you help people? Is your work making you and others a better person? When you can help someone else with a challenge, you may be helping them find their purpose. It is not unusual to feel a personal connection when you help someone because you get the best sense of fulfillment.

How does your existing life, work, and relationships reflect your core values?  When you know your core values, it gives you fulfillment and impacts your motivation and connection to your work.

Express Yourself at Your Core and Align Your Life’s Purpose.

First, check in with your “Destiny Meter” for construction zones that may cause detours.

  1. How Often Do You Feel Stressed Out or Not in Control of Your Life.

  2. Are You Torn Between Aspects in Your Life and the Direction You Are Headed?

  3. When Do You Have Free Time?

  4. Are You Always Busy and Your Schedule Completely Filled?

  5. Do You See Any Progress From Your Efforts? … hmmm

  6. Why Do You Have an Empty Feeling?

  7. Do You Have a Never Ending To Do List that Gets Longer?

  8. What Things Have You Done in the Past That Give You a Feeling of Missed Opportunities?

  9. How Do you Embrace Humility?

What Happens When No One is Watching?

Are you trying to please everyone? Are you denying yourself the chance to make yourself proud because you try to make everyone else happy?  Sounds like a case of being stuck. Imagine a different way of life for yourself.

  • Are you sacrificing your core values for popular opinions?

  • Are you happy on the outside but empty and dissatisfied on the inside?

  • The most accurate picture of yourself is what you do when no one is looking

  • Do you look like you have it all together?

  • What secret bad habits do you have that no one knows about?

  • How do you to speak about people when they are not around?

  • Are you wearing a fake smile?

  • When you communicate, are you aware of what you say and how you say it?

Transform Your Core, Create Your Destiny 

Your problems will be with you always. No one will do anything about your problems. If you have concerns about your problems you can change the outcome. When you are in doubt get the answers from your core.

Renew your mind and your spirit and you will find your creativity in your core. Plant the seeds of who you are, your natural tendencies. Use the power in your core to control your problems and your frustrations. Your inclination is the seed that helps create your core.  Creativity and stabilization in your core allows your old self to become a new self.

If you allow anger, irritation and fear to develop and rule you, you will kill your growth and destroy your dreams. You will attract wind, waves and storms that will toss you around. Don’t let that happen to you.

Let Your Core Values Govern Your Decisions, Connect to Your Core, Align Your Purpose and Fulfill Your Life

Destiny Meter AlignedClose the gap between your values and your behavior. Use plenty of bait and encouragement and celebrate even the slightest improvement in your old self as you transform to your new self.  Use your core as your power to control your destiny.

As Mahatma Ghandi said, “Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.

Align your “Destiny Meter” to your core and become a better edition of yourself, in life and leadership. Re-examine what is important to you, what you value. Connect your core and Your Life’s Purpose. It will follow you everywhere you go.

Diana Price, MA

CEO Diana Price and Associates  

Host, Spicy Business Talk,

Business Customer Culture Strategist

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