Launch Yourself and Find Your Fit

Find Your Special Spicy Sauce and Navigate Ambiguity

Approach Your Career as a Start Up – You Are The Product

Do you have a J.O.B. that is not paying you what you are worth? Considering quitting?  Know that you must prepare for your departure to avoid mistakes.  Your focus while on your job is to get experience, build your skills and look for opportunities. Don’t get stuck on a plan that is not flexible, such as quitting to soon. How long do you need to prepare to transition to your own dream business?  Well, that depends on your money needs, your expenses, and your business plan.

Shaune Afro


Are You Prepared to Fight For Your Dreams?

You will want to pull up a chair and soak up everything my guest, Shaune Arnold has to say, on Tuesday July 7 2015 at 12 noon Pacific Time,  Shaune B. Arnold, Esq. is a practicing transaction attorney in downtown Los Angeles, California. Shaune is a recent Amazon Bestselling author of Fight for Your Dreams: The Power of Never Giving Up, co-authored with Master Motivational Speaker, Mr. Les Brown.


Find Your Special Spicy Sauce, Maximize Your Competence and Get the Confidence You Need to Succeed!


Start Here:

  1. Audit Your Skill Sets – Take Inventory, You Are a Work in Progress
  2. What are Your Core Values, What Do You Stand For?
  3. How Will You Build Relationships, Create Value?
  4. Will You Stay Out of Your Comfort Zone?
  5. Master Your Authenticity
  6. Focus on Your Continuous Growth

Are You Holding a Golden Egg?

Learn the ingredients to Launching Yourself and Finding Your Fit. Be bold, navigate through ambiguity and create a life of your dreams.

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