Private Invitation from Diana, Business Culture Strategist, Learn How to Develop the Desire to Serve


Learn How to Develop the Desire to Serve from Diana, the Business Culture Strategist

Your are cordially invited to join us on a journey to learn how to develop, sculpt and instill a heightened desire to serve from Diana Price and Associates.  If you don’t already know, it starts with getting the right Service Mentality.

Have you ever watched someone give amazing service and wonder why some people effectively interact with customers, with little effort?  It’s because they cultivate and comprehend the Service Mentality.  It’s about how you feed your mind and program your service mentality.

Today, we are talking about the traits you need to fire up your desire to serve so the flame does not burn out. 

How many times have you heard or read that our Service Sets us apart – or Service is our Motto, We Find Ways, The Customer is Always Right, No One Beats our Service…

If your service sets you apart, why do you think we hear so many horror stories about how rude people are and how badly they were treated?.   Everyone does not have what it takes nor do they know how to treat and serve others.  The good news is that you can learn how to possess the Service Mentality that you need to excel in both business and your personal life.

I crave pretzels…Have you ever craved something and stopped what you’re doing because you had to have it…now…

I crave pretzels for an hour and most people go get a bag of pretzels  and in two minutes they are gone.  I get a  5-pound bag and I never have to crave again for about a week.   (crazy that I can eat a 5-pound bad of pretzels in a week!

What do you crave? No one had to tell you to have the desire for your craving…it just came to you.

Your craving came to you by itself.  We have inner distinctive cravings, sometimes that our body is telling us about…cravings for salty snacks, you might have a salt deficiency; chocolates, frozen yogurt… taste for sweets.

As exceptional service providers, our desire is for every interaction to grow into a lifetime relationship;  we grow in the process, and specifically, grow internally.

If you desire to grow your service excellence, you must feed on service mentality concepts.  You will grow into it.

A new “service life” and a new service journey begins now.  Give yourself time to grow into a new spicy approach to service.  We call it Spicy Customer Interactions.  Always avoid being bland, regular or boring to your customers.

The sculpting of your mindset and the desire to serve is something that you must be willing to do for yourself.  You must internalize these concepts into your DNA and grow yourself.

Let’s dissect the most important traits you need to be the Best in Class.


Compassion, or Empathy is an essential trait when interacting with customers.   It’s emotionally feeling your customer’s pain or experience.  Once you put yourself in the other person’s place and know of their pain, do a small deed to show your care The opposite of Empathy is Lack of Interest – or Apathy…don’t get them confused.  This can easily happen

E – Experience their pain

M – Mold, sculpt or form their feelings

P  – Place Yourself in their situation; Be Positive

A  – Act  – Do something to help relieve their pain

T – Treat others with pleasure; be delightful

H – Heart –Empathy and compassion come from the heart

Y – You will feel great!  Helping someone makes you feel great and you will have fun

If you would like to learn all eight of the essential traits on How to Develop the Desire to Serve, or have Diana inspire your audience at your next event or discover a new delightful approach to getting better sales results, email us today at  Follow our Your Pocket Cash blog: and find out how to turn your blog into a business.

Our sales, service, business opportunities, blogging and business growth programs are customized and the most economical way to grow your business.

Diana has a vast corporate background, is a successful entrepreneurial, keynote speaker and a Radio Show Personality.  Her radio show, Spicy Business Talk, on www.RMCONLIVE.COM is at the intersection of Business Culture and Lifestyle, airs live each Saturday at 3pm pacific and weekdays, Monday Wednesday and Friday on at 1pm and 6pm

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