Radio Show is New Approach to the Customer Service Experience

This Saturday, October 13, 2013  from 3:00pm – 3::30pm on Diana Price & Associates radio show, “Spicy Service Interactions” on, an entirely new approach to the customer service experience, will feature two guests.

Guest: Josie Shepard, retired psychologist, businesswoman will discus “How To Turn Your Shopping Skills into a Career.

The problem today is that the recession has made it difficult for many families to make ends meet.   81% of all shoppers have had to cut back their spending, with lower and middle-income families having to make the most significant changes.

This is a whole new way of looking at what happens when consumers, ordinary people like you and me, and merchants work together to build a shopping community that serves the interests of both.

Guest: Toni De Marco, Relationship Coach former Actress and Cover Girl

Toni will discuss How to Set Your Relationship on Fire, if it has lost its luster.   Toni has a fresh and unique perspective on relationships.  Find out how to successfully deal with relationship problems by using advance communications techniques

Diana Price & Associates is a consulting firm that works with businesses to transform relationships with their customers by protecting their return on investment and building motivated, winning teams.

We teach companies how to make serving their customers central to their corporate cultures and in turn have that central focus also serve them as a successful and profitable business strategy

Tune in every Saturday from 3:00pm to 3:30pm, Pacific Time on or call 323.461.6675 to listen on your mobile phone.  866.631.7500

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