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When is the last time you updated the most important part of your business, Customer Service?   Whether you are a large company, small business or an entrepreneur, social media, blogging and the Internet have changed the way customers interact and purchase products and services.

The importance of your business having a service vision, a plan, a strategy that specifically defines your customer service culture, how you will keep customers happy and drive productivity, cannot be stressed enough.   If your service culture strategy has been around a while, or if it hiding in a mission statement, check to see if it needs to be dusted off and if it includes an online and social media plan for engaging and attracting customers.

The first impression of a great customer centric business can be a lasting impression of your brand.   Customer’s perception of you and your business shapes their image and perception of what to expect from your business.  It goes without saying that everyone in the presence of customers has to come from a place of genuine helpfulness and friendliness online and offline.   The Internet and social media allow customers to control the conversation about what they want and what they don’t want.   That’s right, customers have the leverage and are in full control of the buyer-seller relationship. Your business must have an effective online presence so you are included in the conversation.

Advances in mobile computing and social media give customers powerful options to engage with businesses and purchase goods and service.  At the same time, these advances in social media and mobile computing  present challenges and opportunities for business owners to create exceptional customer experiences online.   At a minimum your business must have a business blog that speaks to your brand promise, your products, your specials and your satisfied customers.  Social Media is not slowing down.  As a matter of fact, the blogging platform that I use just announced the upcoming launch and game-plan for the public release of ENV2, which includes mobile blogging from your cell phone. An effective blog will help you attract new and retain existing customers and stay connected with your customers, and ENV2 is a blogging platform that WILL absolutely revolutionize the way people market “online”.

Create a written Customer Service Game Plan create one today, as soon as you finish reading this post.  Make sure you include getting trained on how to blog effectively and how to revolutionize the way you market to your customers online.   A Social Media and blogging platform is vital in driving your business forward.

When you keep in touch with your customers by blogging, you have endless opportunities to tout your expertise, develop raving fans, and talk about valuable ways for your customer to win by doing business with you.  Customers love special offers, discounts and exceptional service. Be sure you have the right mindset and when you start blogging, and that you align your business with what your customers want.

Start with the basics for a positive customer experience online:

  • Identify your core values
  • Create your service vision statement
  • Emphasize how your expertise benefits your customer
  • Resolve complaints promptly
  • Keep a smile in your voice at all times.
  • Listen attentively
  • Keep your word
  • Respond quickly to every comment every complaint, every issue
  • Over-deliver on your promise
  • Find a way to say yes to what you can do and help find a resolution to what you can’t do.
  • Train everyone on your team on your customer service culture, your service vision
  • Share positive customer experiences and testimonials

Creating an exceptional customer experience is vital to running your business.  Get educated on how to blog and how to promote and market your blog online to attract prospective customers.   The Internet has drastically change the way products and services are purchased.  Know that your online presence is an important part of exceeding your customer’s expectations and building loyal fans.  How does your business’ online presence look to your customer?  It might be time to make some improvements to your service culture, social media conversation to keep customers happy and drive productivity and profits.

Diana Price and Associates works with business professionals who want to help their customers win.  Your success involves habitual learning, mentoring and taking consistent action.   Contact us for a 30 minute action packed coaching session, that you will leave with a plan to help you move forward.

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