Sculpting the Desire to Serve with Empathy and Compassion

“Emotionally Feel Your Customers Pain”
Compassion is Empathy 
E    Experience their pain
M   Mold, sculpt, form your feelings
P    Put yourself in their place
A    Act, do whatever it takes
T    Treat each customer with pleasure
H    Heart, you have to come from the heart
Y    You will feel great about yourself and the customer service experience
Empathy and Compassion Tips:
  1. Read their voice or their face.  Do they sound happy, angry, sad, or afraid?
  2. Ask why they are feeling sad, angry, happy, afraid.
  3. Listen to what they say and what they don’t say
  4. Focus on your customer, not yourself
  5. Sincerely care about their feelings
  6. Help them feel better.
  7. Calm them down, make them feel at ease
  8. Make it a habit, practice compassion daily
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