Self Care Secrets for Better Business, Lifestyle and Wellness

Wellness Ingredients to Balance You Inside and Out

Why do so many people think self care to challenging? Self Care requires that you nurture your body, mind and spirit.  It requires that you balance your business, your life and your wellness from top to bottom, inside and out.  The number one reason that self care suffers as a priority is time! Make time for self-care, period. 

My special guest on Spicy Business Talk Tuesday November 3, 2015, is Lena L. Kennedy, founder and conference director of the Southern California Women’s Health Conference & Expo.  Lena and Diana will be streaming live 12 noon to 1:00pm PT on . Call in 323.965.1600 during live time.

Lena L. Kennedy

Lena L. Kennedy

Lena is responsible for bringing together community-based organizations, businesses, and civic leaders to offer a free, annual health and wellness conference for women.

Since 2000, over 29,000 attendees have been empowered by informative and practical lectures and workshops on health, wellness and lifestyle led by renowned physicians and healthcare professionals.

Most recently, Lena was appointed Vice Chair of the Democratic National Finance Committee (DNC).

Top Self Care Secrets

1. Movement is Fitness, Sitting is Not

The World Health Organization says that “physical inactivity has been identified as the fourth-leading risk factor for death for people all around the world”. Sitting for prolonged periods of time, like eight to 12 hours or more a day, has increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 90%.

Always be aware of how much time you spend sitting.  Set a target to reduce the amount of time you sit a little bit each day.

Movement is what counts.  Move around the living room during television commercials. Walk up the stairs.  When you are not moving you are not expending energy and your muscles are idle.  Even if you exercise, sitting to much is not good for your health.

Sitting can be harmful because your metabolism and the stimulation of your muscles slows down.  Your body takes a break when you sit and burns only one-third of  the calories compared to walking.

Movement is definitely worth your while.  You will improve your wellness if you commit to more movement at regular intervals.

2. Emotional Hygiene

One of the most important Self Care Secrets for better business, lifestyle, and wellness is Emotional Hygiene, how you balance your head and your heart.  

  • Balance is a key ingredient to keeping your emotional hygiene balanced.

  • Deep breaths, long inhales and slow exhales helps relax you and better focus your mind. When you feel intense or anxious emotions, you may not be fully centered or grounded.

  • When emotions are out of balance, instead of taking actions with clarity, you may end up overreacting.

  • If you feel tension coming on, acknowledge what you feel and recognize what your emotions are telling you.

  • It may help to distance yourself for a moment, walk away, regroup and be objective.

Most of us have instances where we need to boost ourselves and our self-esteem. To focus on our emotional self care is to treat ourselves with compassion, and be our own best friend. It is important to actively eject negative thinking from your mind and embrace positive thinking. Work on safeguarding and strengthening your self-esteem so you can build strong emotional resilience muscles. Emotional muscles have to be exercised each day to better balance you inside and out.

3. Infuse Positive Energy

  1. Be aware of your body’s energy, and what you say to others. Check your tone of voice; it’s all related to infusing positive energy

  2. Know yourself and what triggers your emotions.  Teach yourself different, positive ways to respond to emotional triggers, and anything that bothers you.

  3. Be compassionate with yourself and allow mistakes and failures

  4. Be responsible for your actions and know the outcomes of your decisions

  5. Schedule playtime to have fun, relax, and enjoy yourself

  6. Try something new, generate creative energy

  7. Know that things will work out, and that you will be ok

4. Find Time For Leisure Activities

Think about all the things that are keeping you busy, fighting for time on your to do list that don’t include nurturing yourself.  With a long to do list, it is undoubtedly tricky to schedule leisure activities that you enjoy.

Do you spend too much time on social media, on the internet, watching too much TV?  These activities can be time wasters and don’t give you one bit of self care. Although social media, the internet and watching TV may not necessarily be stressful, they tend to isolate you.

Tennis is my racquet.  I recently added more morning tennis games with a friend to my schedule.

Find an active, physical sport that you really enjoy that you can play or participate with another person.  Meet up, play a sport and motivate each other keep it going. Make plans for a date night, select a fun place and find a friend, group of people or a partner to enjoy some fun activities.

Turn off your cell phone when you go to church, but leave it on when you expect that someone needs you. Schedule your date night on your calendar and treat it seriously like a business date.  Mark your calendar with fun plans all over.  Look at self care as a priority.

Self-Care does not happen by accident!

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