Showcase Your Sizzle, Flaunt Your Hustle Muscles

Sizzle, Don’t Whine Prepare to Shine

Whining and complaining rarely works for the most part.When you whine you waste your energy, time, talent and resources.  I believe everyone complains, and sometimes don’t know they complain.  Complaining can sometimes build a bond between people with the same complaint. The more you complain the more negative you become.

Eventually the whining, complaining and negative behavior will build barriers and break down relationships. And worse, you waste precious time that you will never ever get back to go for your dreams and goals.

Seriously, You Think There is a Level Playing Field, What Planet Are You On?

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Regardless of how right you are about your whiny little complaint, your real purpose in life is drifting away and you may not get a second chance at your goals. Stop the excuses too! The best one is about how much time and money you do not have. The playing field is not level, or did you forget about that minor little detail?

It’s your time to Sizzle, even if you have  before. Learn to strengthen your hustle muscles, develop a winning mindset and get ready to grow. Your hustle muscles must be toned with determination, hard work, smart choices and passion to succeed. I know first hand what it means deep inside to want to feel valued, meaningful, accepted and worthy in the eyes of others. In order to showcase and flaunt my sizzle, I had to develop a burning desire to sacrifice, do what others would not do, and combine these traits with my hustle muscles.

Strengthen Your Hustle Muscles

Taking risks to be successful in life and getting your hustle on is one in the same. It’s jumping on an opportunity when you see it, and not waiting. It’s making something happen from nothing. There are big rewards to be reaped from honest hustle.Both good and bad hustlers don’t wait to be  invited to sit at the table. They just pull up a chair.

  • The honest hustler has a “go get it” mentality. They don’t let roadblocks get in their way. When they can’t get what they want, they take it.

  • The hustler is committed to action, regardless of the consequences, they learn from the experience

  • They act like they are supposed to be successful, and therefore they are

  • They can be very dangerous, without being threatening

  • They don’t watch the clock

  • They have confidence and swag

  • They have good communication and persuasion skills

  • They understand how to use soft skills to mobilize the support of colleagues, clients, teams, partners; they know how to adapt

  • They are not afraid to try new things and develop new skills

  • They have a great talk track, they know how to make a good first impression on people and brand themselves

  • They don’t give up

  • They practice repetition to master their craft

  • They know how to work smart and take shortcuts and still work hard.  They don’t cut corners, but they save time and get to the end faster

  • They appreciate small victories, they come out on top; they may not win the trophy, but they are poised to reposition themselves

  • They understand  that “life smart is the same as street smart”.  The repetition of the life game creates reality and reaction. Book smart is theory and not real life.

  • They understand and manage their reputation. They post topics that will uplift their brand both personally and professionally. They avoid crossing the line with posts that will haunt them later.  They keep it professional.

Spicy Business Talk is a place where you can grow, adjust your mindset and design what takes place in your life. Allow your life and your business to have the right hue, tone, tint, and sizzle.

Diana D. Price, CEO, Diana Price & Associates, Forensic Travel Expert,Producer, Spicy Business Talk

Our mission is to help you balance your life inside and out, your business from top to bottom. We help you unload your mind and portion control your results.

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