Simple Tips to Prepare for The Business of Entertainment

Entertainment Industry Preparation

Whether you are a college student taking courses, or an entrepreneur looking for a new career in entertainment, it is important to take advantage of opportunities that surround you. Understanding the theory and practicing the technical skills that you learn is helpful.

You will up-level the value of your stock when you participate in worthwhile internships and get the experience and confidence you need to compete in the entertainment industry.

Go Beyond Educational Training

There is value in having a good education. In a business like entertainment, the fact is that you’ll develop more well rounded skills and learn more with hands on experience than inside a classroom.

I am participating in a unique internship that not only provides a higher level of learning but also practical experience in all areas of TV production.  My journey to TV Production started with a referral from a friend, and has resulted in new exciting skills in Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro 7 and X, Editing and Directing shows for the City of Commerce, Landmark TV, Electronic News Gathering, TV Production (including camera work, audio engineering, lighting and more). I speak from experience.

My energy is focused on Directing, Editing, and Producing even more shows, to continuously up-level my skills, while helping others along the way.  Join the conversation to get into the business of entertainment on Spicy Business Talk.

Spicy Business Talk

Diana D. Price, MA, Producer, Spicy Business Talk

Diana D. Price, MA, Producer, Spicy Business Talk, CEO Diana Price & Associates

On Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at 12 noon PT, Diana’s Spicy Business Talk welcomes Christian Reyes, apprentice for the City of Commerce Landmark Television. Join us for an exciting conversation with this ambitious young man as he prepares for the business of entertainment.

Christian Reyes

Christian Reyes

Christian Reyes was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder at the age of seven.

Tune in and learn how Christian Reyes, Television and Film Major, Man of the Year for the City of Commerce is headed for a career in the Entertainment Industry.

Here 12 Simple Tips to Prepare You For a Fulfilling Life in the Business of Entertainment.

  1. Investigate Opportunities and Available Resources

  2. Pursue Learning, Experience and Internships

  3. Save Your Money, Your First Job My Not Pay the Bills

  4. Learn the Details of the Software and Equipment in Your Field

  5. Familiarize Yourself With Online Tools, Industry Terminology, Programs

  6. Know The Industry Specific Requirements for Your Field

  7. Network at Industry Events.

  8. Investigate and Build Relationships With Media Companies and Related Small Businesses.

  9. Know The Company Names and Players in Your Field

  10. Clarify Your Goal.  Do you want to work for a studio a company, or have your own business?

  11. Connect with Alumni and Media Companies on Linked In

  12. Give Yourself Room to Fail, Refocus Improve and Bounce Back.

It’s true, the entertainment industry can be extremely competitive. Your job is to up-level the value of your stock, give yourself learning, experience, internship opportunities, know the pros and cons, and create a fulfilling life for yourself in one of the most exciting and lucrative industries around.

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