Step Out In Faith, Insist on Your Success

Your Persistence and Faith Muscles Will Affect Your Outcome

Stepping out in faith means being prepared to take risks.  Just about everything we do in life involves some kind of risk. It is rare to find an outcome that has no risk. Theres a chance that we will not see tomorrow and if so, would you have missed out on achieving something greater in your life?

If you really get it, the choices you make and the risks you take shape your life.

Beverly Caldwell close up hands facesideMy special guest today Beverly Caldwell know the feeling of taking risks to get what you want. She actively and willingly uses her spiritual gifts and talents of Music, Teaching, Administration and Exhortation.

As a young girl, Beverly began singing at home under the guidance and training of her mother, Mrs. Willie N. Price. She also began singing in the Children’s Choir at her church, Shiloh A.M.E. Zion, Monrovia, CA. Soon she started Directing the Youth Choir at Shiloh. Later she became the director of the church Young Adult Choir and one of the main soloists. As choir Director, Beverly coordinated several Music Workshop Seminars to further enhance the music ministry at Shiloh.

When you decide to take a calculated risk that has the potential of producing a reward, it lessens the stress and makes the risk worth taking. 

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You have the power to create yourself and your entire world. Your influence can be neutral, positive or negative. Its about your faith muscles, your persistence and making a consistent effort to be your best as a standard practice. Only you will know if your results are what you want them to be.

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