Successful Women: Distinct, Masked Identity?

Confident Successful Women are Different and Have Distinct Identities

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When you see a successful woman you see a woman who believes in her mission, leads with confidence, pays attention to what is going right and wrong, listens deeply, asks questions and is truly humble. It’s a fact that successful women do things differently, and sometimes we mask our identity, depending on the environment.

Every woman defines success in her own way. I know I do. There are certain things that powerful, successful women do differently. Confident, successful men have these traits as well. It starts with being happy with who you are. Get the spicy details Tuesday January 12 noon PT on Diana’s Spicy Business Talk.

When I Worked in Corporate America

I frequently had experiences in corporate America where it was necessary to present different professional identities at different times in order to adapt to the environment. My two identities, female and black, kept  me constantly aware of how I was presenting myself  and the impact I had in social, professional  and personal settings.


SBT logo date phoneDiana’s Spicy Business Talk Tuesday Topic highlights this stimulating discussion about confidence, success and managing your identities. The fun starts at 12 noon Tuesday January 12, 2016

When you tune in to Spicy Business Talk today, you’ll find out what the top 12 things successful women do differently and why some women wear masks to manage their identity.

Spicy Business Talk is a livestream show, and a place where you can grow, adjust your mindset to achieve your goals, cultivate meaning and allow your business to have the right hue, tone, tint, and sizzle.

Diana D. Price, CEO, Diana Price & Associates, Producer, Spicy Business Talk

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