Suppose You Are a Forensic Expert, Attorney or Judge – Do You See What I See?


How Much is Too Much?

Have you ever thought about being a Forensic Expert? Forensic Experts are in all fields of discipline. We are retained to analyze almost any type of evidence and explain its significance to attorneys working within the judicial system.  It is important to know your role as an expert witness or consultant and not cross the line and “shade” the case with too much advocacy. Forensic Experts must be able to anticipate what attorneys and judges see. In my role as a Forensic Travel Expert, I support the attorney by investigating the facts of the case. I am required to research and explain the technical details, advise of travel customs, practices and standards.

My responsibility is to help the attorney gain a better understanding of how to best present a successful case. I must be prepared to be deposed, to testify, or consult the attorney, (plaintiff or defendant), about the connection between the defendant’s or plaintiff’s conduct.

There’s more, much more!

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Diana D. Price, President Forensic Expert Witness Association Greater Los Angeles

As President of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA), I work with an amazing board. Together we meet, network and introduce our members to judges, attorneys, business professionals and experts in industries ranging from Accounting to Police Procedures, from Engineering to eDiscovery/Cyber Security, From Medical to Molecular Microbiology and Immunology; from Business Fiduciary to Construction; from Travel to Insurance.  I hope you get the picture that the forensic business is multi-disciplined and can be in any industry. The great part about FEWA, is our dedication to professional development and promotion of experts in all disciplines.

We invite you, your colleagues and your organization to get to know us, attend our events and participate.  You too will meet high profile judges, attorneys, experts, business professionals and probably pick up a lead or two for your business. You will also learn more about how to grow your expert practice, upgrade your skills and become even more valuable as a forensic expert in your area of expertise. You have come to the right place, and we’re glad you did!  To all my Greater Los Angeles area colleagues, plan to be present on March 28!

Sign Up Here:  The Five P’s of Success, “A View From the Bench and the Bar” 

When:  March 28, 2017, 6pm – 9pm   Come out Tuesday March 28 and here what Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey and Los Angeles Superior Court Assistant Presiding Judge Kevin Brazile has to say. They will be joined by “Super Lawyer” Kenneth C. Feldman, Esq, Dr. Tony Feuerman MD, neurosurgeon, expert witness, and moderator Tim Williams, Criminal Justice and Police Procedures Expert.

Where: Pepperdine West Los Angeles Graduate Campus

For More information and to Register Today: Go to: The 5 P’s of Success









Diana Price, CEO Your Life’s Purpose, Diana Price & Associates, President Greater Los Angeles Forensic Expert Witness Association





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