The Keys To Making This Run Successful

What Does It Take To Succeed Against All Odds?


Your success is like a railway, a path with curves and tunnels. You are the conductor and your positive mental attitude and courage is the driver. To be successful, you must be brave, determined, and decisive no matter what.  

Persistence to Never Give Up

Your journey to succeed will take you through hurdles.  Get ready for your persistence and courage muscles to be tested. Let your purpose be your power. If your purpose is powerful, it is likely that your purpose will drive you to succeed. If you are weak minded and thinned skinned, your persistence and courage muscles might be too flabby. When you fix your attitude, you can allow your courage to drive you to keep going.

Choose Work That Matters to You

I choose to do work that matters to me. Because I do what I love it is not really work. I work almost around the clock in every endeavor I have encounter.  Most recently, while on a forensic travel case, the assignment required me to form opinions, based on the standard of care, customs and practices in the travel industry. Helping my client in this case was a labor of love. I would never think of giving up or letting anything distract me from having a successful result.

Be Ambitious and Awesome At What You Do

Set your standards high and work at reaching your target. Break your goal up in to bit sized pieces. Have more fun and celebrate successes. Love what you do you, have more fun doing it. When you love your work, it is not really work. Its more like having fun all the time.

Connect With Your Gut Instincts

If you feel indifferent about a business or life proposition, follow your gut. Your gut knows when some is suspect and when it is not. Sometimes you can’t verbalize or put your finger right on what’s questionable, but your gut knows when something is not right. Listen to that gut feeling and take heed.

Re-Explore Your Image of the Unknown

Learning and LivingYou will face obstacles as you pursue your life’s purpose. You may come up to a brick wall and feel like you are not making progress. Can you raise your hand to that? I can. Explore what you have learned during your pursuit. Use the effort and struggle you have gone through as motivation to continue advancing forward to your dream. You have rewards and valuable insights coming to you. Your rewards will justify your struggle and your effort.

Create Your Own Rules

Rules can serve a purpose. Rules help you create habit, enhance your skill and can help your attitude, as long as they are you own rules. You must have your own set of rules that guide your life’s purpose. If you don’t you’ll fall into someone else’s rules. It takes skill to be autonomous and self-rule yourself. No matter how persistent you are, and no matter what work you love to do, there will be rules, either your rules or someone else’s. I choose to create my own rules, cultivate a determined mindset, form good habits, and continuosly up level my results.

Reflect on Solutions

When I led 14 offices of sales and service team members, operational issues and day to day questions and concerns were common. Frequently the focus was on the difficulty of the problem instead of what the possible solutions were. Everyone was empowered to resolve their own issues.  If they had a problem they could not fix, they had to come up with possible solutions to their problems. Reflecting on solutions soon became a habit.

When you find yourself looking at or for problems, you might be subconsciously looking for excuses or limitations. If you set your mind on the excuse you certain get what you looking for. Choose to allow your mind to obsess past the excuses and reflect on the success as you discover the solutions. You deserve to enjoy the solutions not the problems.

Make It Easy on Yourself, Ask for Help

Isolation is not your friend. It is important to have good people around you. The more awesome, supportive people in your circle, the better for you, generally speaking. With a good network of people who have similar goals, struggles and expertise, you’ll make it easy to ask for help. If someone has faced a similar situation as you, they most likely would love to help you. In times of need, have an experienced mentor who can help you get the results you want and keep you moving forward during your peaks and valleys.

Spice Up Your Life

If you are not spicy, energetic and passionate, engage with people who are so it rubs off on you. Participate with a people who enjoy bringing passion and spice to a whole new natural level. Have fun, develop strong relationships and spice up the conversation so that excitement and positive energy penetrates with ease. Remember the 5 closest people around you affect your values and your success. “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, Jim Rohn.

Your persistence, purpose, ambition, solutions and spice is powered by your attitude and your courage. Conduct your life’s railway, and make the run successful.

Sphynix Rose_resized (2)Join Diana Tuesday January 5,  12 noon PT  as she tackles the topic, What Does It Take to Succeed Against All Odds, with her special guest, Sphynix Rose, entrepreneur, entertainer and business owner

Sphynix spent her childhood on the streets of Philadelphia PA living and moving from home to home in the foster care system.


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