Top 10 Ways To Be Who You Really Are With Courage

How Do You See Yourself?

BE Who You Are CourageDo you have a strong desire to conform to a group or win the approval of your peers? Have you ever made decisions that force you to twist yourself into fitting in so you can hang out with certain people or groups?  What “self” are you presenting to the world in order to win approval and be accepted?

Group Pressure

For the majority of my life, I felt that I did not fit in, and I did not try to. I was not the most popular, I was definitely not the best looking, and my Mom made all my clothes. Do you know people who give in to group pressure, even when the group is wrong, just to fit?

It is human nature and not uncommon to want friends, or be a valuable member of a group. So we put pressure on ourselves to be a good team player, an asset, be cooperative, predictable and don’t make waves and don’t be a negative liability.  There are situations in a work environment where being a part of project group is important, and the group depends on team work to get the job done.

Fitting in causes you to change your behavior often due to peer pressure, which results in thinking and acting like the group.  This peer pressure can unconsciously start to shape your reality and how you perceive your world.

To Deny Your Being is to Conceal Who You Are

The more brave you are to express yourself and who you are, the easier it gets each time you do it. If you have not already started learning to be who you really are, it’s not too late. Here’s how you can raise your level of self awareness and step into your courage and authenticity.

Top 10 Ways To Be Who You Really Are With Courage

  1. Convey your unique qualities by doing and saying things that are distinctively you

  2. Stand out in your own genuine way, don’t fit it

  3. Connect with yourself and don’t obsess with being a groupie

  4. Know what your values are and express them openly

  5. Allow your values to define the importance of who you are

  6. Create relationships based on mutual support and self expression

  7. Don’t let anyone define your worth.

  8. Make choices that feel good inside

  9. Treat yourself with love and celebrate your self awareness

  10. Remind Yourself How Important it is to be who you really are

It Takes a Strong Desire and Courage to be Who You Really are.

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