What Areas Have You Really Grown and Stretched Compared to Last Year?

Don’t Let Your Clock Stop 


Master The Things in Your Life That You Can Control

Before you can expand yourself and your business, you must control these 10 things in your life:

  1. How do you relax?  Breathe, inhale and exhale deeply and often

  2. Stop yourself from engaging in negative chatter

  3. Be grateful and find the positives in every situation.

  4. Say thank you, my pleasure and you are welcome more often

  5. Be comfortable and graceful in your body language

  6. Increase your mental and physical fitness

  7. Eat healthy, cleanse, do a mini fast monthly

  8. Get a reasonable amount of sleep

  9. Cut down on the booze

  10. You don’t always have to be right.  Keep bitterness and hostility out of your life

Diana’s 6 ways to stay in the game


  • Stretch and Stretch More
  • Learn Something New Every Day To Be More Successful
  • Create a New Playbook For Yourself With Spicy Interactions ... Don't Be Boring
  • It's Never to Late to Start Fresh
  • Every Action is Easy To Do And Just As Easy Not To Do
  • Take a Risk And Learn How To Be Great And Not Just Good!






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