What’s Stopping You From Creating a New Ending?

Your Best Creation is Your Brand New Ending


What's Stopping You From Creating a New Ending?

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Are you whining and complaining about the lack of productivity and profits in your business and the problems in your life?  Wake Up!  Only you can control your destiny and the process of transformation in your life. There has never been a better time to script a new ending and finally do something that you are passionate about. Build your business much more effectively by learning your craft inside and out.  Take action and establish a precise game plan to identify each step of what needs to be done to be successful.

What Do You Need to Stop Doing?

Stop Limiting Your Progress!

1. Stop attaching yourself to the wrong people.  Why are you spending time with people who are worse off than you are? Are you hanging around people who overlook your worth?

2. Stop covering up your problems.  Do you have challenges in your life and in your business that you are running from?  Problems can’t all be solved quickly.  Challenges and failures can mold and shape your personality.  Learn from your problems.

3. How many times have you put off your dreams and wishes because you can’t afford it?  Life is short and it there was ever a moment to claim your dreams, your needs, and your wishes, it is now, right now.

4.  Are you holding on to the past?  Savoring past accomplishments is ok. But if you can’t move to the next chapter of your life because you can’t let go of old memories, you are stuck…and that’s just stupid.

5.  Do you doubt your ability to start a new venture because you’re afraid of making a mistake? Learning is habitual, it takes repetition. Countless successful people have a long list of mistakes and failures that lead to their success. 

6. Stop thinking that you have to be 100% ready to grab a great opportunity. Opportunities seem to appear at times when we have to confront our comfort zone.  You may not feel 100% comfortable at first, but don’t give up.

7.  Are you trying to compete with everyone else? You can’t worry about what everyone else is doing and if they are doing better than you. Focus your attention on getting your best result each day.

8.  If you’re feeling sorry for yourself, stop it. Did anyone ever tell you that the playing field is not level? Complaining, whining and feeling sorry for yourself creates a limiting mindset. Life doesn’t care what kind of problems you face. Use your problems to get to a better place and a positive state of mind.

9.  Forgive and forget.  If you are holding grudges, let it go and stop hurting yourself. It’s not ok if someone did you wrong, but you have to find inner peace and move on.

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What Can You Start Doing For Your Business and Your Personal Development?


  • Take action on your goals and your dreams.

  • Make yourself accountable

  • Expand your business

  • Tap into a much larger audience

  • Create a lifestyle

  • Build a successful business that you are not a slave to

  • Create a new ending

  • Are you Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly? If so, you are P.O.O.R.

Diana Price and Associates understands the challenges involved in creating a new ending or starting a new venture. Share your new ending with us during a 30 minute strategy session that you will get at least 2 specific actions to start building your business and focusing on you. For more information and for free resources and information, sign up to Program Your Genius. Here is a link that you can use to get started creating a new ending:

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