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A Peek Inside Diana’s Spicy Business Talk


Diana D. Price, CEO Diana Price & Associates Host, Spicy Business Talk

Diana D. Price, CEO Diana Price & Associates
Host, Spicy Business Talk

When I created Spicy Business Talk, my vision was to produce a show that provides entertaining, sizzling ingredients for our business community. Spicy Business Talk is a constant reminder of how you can be even more effective in business and be more focused on how you serve customers and give clients what they want.

This is a show where you can find joy and growth in your spirit, cultivate meaningful relationships and laugh a little more.

Spicy Business Talk is a gratitude journal, a mindset challenge, and an action guide strolling through mountains and valleys to find and use your talents to help you shine your light.

The key to high productivity, performance and creative solutions is to be competent, find your personal strengths and sizzle with inner confidence.

It was not easy, but I figured out that I have value and I love the contribution that I give to this planet. I used to quickly dismiss the wonderful compliments that I received from people.  Now I graciously say “thank you” with a great big smile. I serve the business community as a business culture, leadership and communications strategist, consultant, speaker and radio show host. I help you find the essence of your being, so you can find the contribution that you want to make.

Stretch Your Performance

Just like a canopy gives you relief from the sun, Spicy Business Talk provides a variety of sizzling shades to help you “shine but don’t show off”.   Our show provides the business community and people who want to get in to business with creative ways to continue to learn, serve, stretch, and shine but not show off.  It’s like making sure your business has the right hue, tone, tint, tinge and the right color. Knowing your performance level begins with the authenticity of what happens inside you.

When you find your personal strength you can sizzle with high performance.  There’s only one catch. Your skill sets will only go as far as your mindset allows. So, first things first, work on adjusting your mindset to achieve your goals. It’s good to set small but realistic goals and celebrate  every successful milestone every step along the way.

Shape Your Identity

What does your name mean? My name, Diana, is defined as luminous or shining, bright, brilliant, radiant, dazzling, glowing, gleaming, messenger of beneficence & wellness”, Greek Goddess of the moon. If you don’t know the meaning of your name, and your business name, your assignment is to look it up.

Diana's Spicy Business Talk Stand In Your Power, Sizzle With Confidence

Diana’s Spicy Business Talk
Stand In Your Power, Sizzle With Confidence

The word “Spicy” means entertaining, colorful, lively, spirited, exciting, piquant, zesty, bold and flavorful.

Spicy Business Talk is about  how you define, defend and stand in your own power.  It’s being more sizzling and using a little spice and flavor to get a little extra in business and personal relationships. Your inner confidence has a lot to do with how you sizzle. Would you agree that the meaning of my personal and business name compliment each other?

Yes, that was one of the compliments that I dismissed, but not any more.  

Serve With Pleasure

To be of service is to define and redesign your inner and outer culture so that your core values do what you intend them to do.

  • When you serve, you must align with your message
  • Balance the right amount of spice and flavor
  • Have the right service culture united with your core values
  • Have the right look and feel
  • The right amount of sizzle
  • Shine But Don’t Show Off

Use Your Five Senses to Add More Substance to Your Behavior

  1. Your Look – People see you for who your really are
  2. Your Taste – Do they see spicy, flavorful and authentic? or boring, stale and fake?
  3. Hear – When they listen to you, make them want more
  4. Feel – Your message must touch them and resonate deeply
  5. Smell Test – The fragrance is delightful.  It’s worth the risk.  Go beyond your boundaries

When you take the 5 senses test, it will help you avoid being stale, without feeling.

Be a light and sizzle with confidence.  It is difficult to teach people that they don’t know everything.  I don’t know everything so let’s cut the crap.  The storms will come, don’t be astonished.  Keep learning and practicing your profession and you will evolve over the course of your career.

Spicy Business Talk is a live stream broadcast on http://www.RMCONAIR.com Tuesdays at 12 noon Pacific Time.   Stop running from your dreams. Tune in! Never stop learning and serving in your life, your career and your relationships.

Want to Join Us?  Let’s Sizzle Together!

I am looking for talented men and women who have personal unique, strengths and skill sets and don’t know how to monetize it.  I am looking for leaders dealing with challenges and want to inspire others and grow their team culture in a big way.  You must speak loudly to the world that a culture of service matters in your space.

I am also looking for solid, distinguished guest Speakers, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Authors and Thought Leaders who want be in the S.E.A.T. to share their message on Spicy Business Talk.  Who Do You Know?

Diana Price, MA, CEO Diana Price and Associates and Host of Spicy Business Talk helps you spread awareness about your brand and become more influential. We freely give and share ideas. We provide inspiration and motivation.  We help you build your influence in your field. We challenge you to differentiate, stand out and achieve more.

Find out how you can partner with Diana Price and Associates and Spicy Business Talk to further develop your brand, influence and credibility.

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