What’s Your Culture and Engagement Climate?

Simple Solutions to Sculpt an Irresistible Culture

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Ultimately Leadership Drives Culture, Period!

What Do Employees and Customers Think of Your Business?

Culture controls success 2015-01-12_2244Every part of your leadership style, your behavior, what you communicate, the way you say it, what you do when no one’s looking, your core values, and your relationship with employees, drive culture.

I have experienced lip service corporate cultures that say all the right things about how culture is important. At the top of the list is company rhetoric, “we genuinely value employees”, but leadership surveys prove the exact opposite. Too many companies say they value their employees, but they don’t show it.

Have you every experienced customer service that felt empty?  This experience is leadership related.  When the culture is secure and communicated at every level, employees want to go beyond what is expected, if they are the right employees.  Hiring team members is a part of sculpting a thriving culture.

The HR Component

Human Resources plays a role in the sculpting of culture.  The HR playbook and rules can sometimes burst the employee empowerment bubble and create a split between leaders and employees.  This kind of culture takes the focus away from a positive employee experience.  In general, employees enjoy being recognized, being empowered, getting trained, getting promoted, being engaged in a fun working environment, giving value and knowing their purpose.  It helps tremendously when employees know their leaders genuinely care about their well being.

Business Culture Defined

  • A Shared Value System of Beliefs and Attitudes

  • Influences and Characterizes the Perception of You and Your Business ž

  • The Way Things Get Done in the Workplace

  • žHow Your Team Describes Where They Work

  • How People Understand Your Business And See Themselves as a Part of Your Team

  • An Unwritten Law of Behavior, Accepted and Recognized

  • Marshals Subjective Opinions of You and Your Business

9  Simple Solutions to Sculpt a Culture of Engagement

...What You Can Do To Nail It


 1. Access to Relevant Projects Meaningful Work

Employees want balanced opportunities to contributed to projects.  Leaders who select the same"go-t0" people for projects must understand the disruption it can cause for the business unit and for other employees who may feel that leaders don't value their work.  When the "go-to persons leaves your business unit or company, you're stuck!

2. Caring Interactive Leadership

Understanding and leading the team is crucial.  To understand is to inquire how the employee is, show empathy and provide coaching and mentorship as needed.  Leading the team is making changes, articulating the vision, guiding, holding people accountable and building a strong bond.  Let employees create the definition for how their accountability is enforced. This inclusion inspires employees to have a desire to go above and beyond the call of duty.

3. Creating Rewarding Personal Relationships

A strong relationship is based on interaction at every level, and with individuals and team. Culture and engagement is not about the transaction.  People who are recognized as part of a team must feel like their contribution matters.  Too many companies recognize the "star performers" and completely disregard the rest of the team.  Check your ground rules and make sure you are not addicted to recognition that results in the same people getting all the gratitude and the team completely left out. Big mistake and good way to cripple team culture!  Set the recognition and respect ground rules.  Show respect for everyone.

4. Enthusiastic, Supportive Work Environment

It is a wonderful thing when everyone is enthusiastic and love their work.  The natural skills and talents are activated in a supportive enthusiastic work environment.  Employees take more ownership and feel more responsible about their jobs, this is significant. Everyone is motivated to help each other and work together as a team to achieve goals. Employees are anxious to learn new things and remain relevant.  Learning is the keyword, not lecturing and dispensing fear.

5. Involvement, Advancement, and Employee Development Opportunities

Employees want increased responsibilities. They want to participate on important projects and they want to move up in the company. Cross functional training is a great way to develop employees and help them be more fulfilled and motivated about their work. Inspire employees to greatness by mentoring and guiding their development and growth.  Involve the, let them participate, watch them grow.

6. Reliable,Trustworthy Leaders

A thriving culture is one where employees trust their leader and each other.  Everyone is human. Don't be afraid to show some vulnerability.  It's ok if leaders make mistakes, just don't dance around it and play the blame game.  Reliable and trustworthy leaders will attract the same kind of people.

7. Put People First

Effective leaders understand their role includes positively interacting, encouraging and building team members up to get better performance versus tearing them down.  There are problem solving opportunities that will not go away.  Show employees that you believe in them. Good leaders will know employee strengths and limitations.  Tell your people you want to help them grow to and prosper as productive team members. Know your employees first names and know something about them to show you genuinely care.

8. Keep Communicating

Frequent communication is great for employee engagement.  When employees are involved and know the financial state of the company they better understand the importance of their contribution and how important their work is to the company's success. Communicate to employees what is required to achieve 100% of goal, 110% and 120% of goal and how results will be measured. Educate the team on how they contribute to the company's success and help provide solutions and solve problems.

9.  Leadership Accountability for Culture

Culture and engagement are the glue that holds a business together and are just as important as the numbers.  Leaders must be held more accountable for sculpting thriving, endure  must be measure just like the numbers are. While most leaders are measured on the basis of business results, organizations must begin holding leaders accountable for building a strong long lasting culture.  Now is the time for leaders to focus on energizing engagement by developing a strong interactive culture that will retain better employees, improve productivity and financial performance.

When You Know the Ingredients, You Have the Recipe For an Irresistible Culture

  • Know the individual and team ingredients of your employees
  • Let people know that you care, that you understand their talents, capabilities and behaviors
  • People want you to work with them, guide them and motivate them
  • Make time spent with employees matter
  • Don't let your title get in the way
  • Pay attention and genuinely care
  • Be aware of the ingredients before you create your recipe
  • Show that you value your employees, don't just say it
  • Leaders  who prepare a multitude of recipes understand the need to use fresh, flavorful and spicy ingredients that don't spoil.

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