When Did We Forget the Value of New Experiences?


The 9 Step Formula to Survive New Experiences

Did you know that embracing new experiences and learning do new things is rated among the top 10 American Values? If you have not heard, it is perfectly ok to feel uncertain or even embarrassed when you are making a transition into new territory.

When you explore new territory, it is a high probability that you have no personal history or experience to help you navigate your route. The first step is to give yourself permission to seek new experiences and relax during the discomfort.

Success takes work, constant practice and calculated risks. Your good idea, along with focused passion, can be the foundation for a successful business. When passion takes over, it provides motivation and energy to fuel a successful journey to achieve your goals. To survive and enjoy the pursuit of your dreams, stick to your plan, adapt and laugh when things get uneasy.

Spicy Business Talk Welcomes Antoine L. Royster

http://ustre.am/1hoE3 Tuesday, February 23, 2016 12 noon PT

Antoine L. Royster Dream OneAntoine L. Royster is the President and Founder of Dream One Transportation, a Los Angeles based limousine operator that is well-known nationally for its high-quality service, professionally trained chauffeurs and staff.  Dream One Transportation also offers clients other transportation options through its extensive network of international providers.

Antoine’s passion for the details are the foundation for his business career.  After earning a B.S. in Finance, he applied his zeal for customer service as a Sales Analyst for several Fortune 500 companies including Peter Kiewit and Southern California Edison.  He further honed his business knowledge when he ventured into Sales and Brand management for Nestle USA.  During his tenure, he participated in a Nestle S.A. worldwide initiative to Improve Customer and Channel Contributions while maximizing profits through strategic and tactical business planning. Antoine knows the value of new experiences.

Join the discussion on Spicy Business Talk, Tuesday, February 23 2016 at 12 noon PT. http://ustre.am/1hoE3

The 9 Step Formula to Survive New Experiences

1.Give Yourself Permission to Seek New Experiences 

Kick start your mindset. Allow yourself to feel and express new emotions and new experiences.  Relax during the discomfort. Ask questions that challenge your status quo.

2.Face Your Fears Head On

What are you afraid of specifically?  Don’t let your fears limit you and prevent your success. Put in the work to understand and face your fears head on.

3.Take Calculated Risks, But Don’t Gamble

Determine by reasoning and experience the probability and expected results from your calculated risk.  Avoid taking a “shot in the dark” and risky gambling. Be responsible and creative and consider the risk and rewards of each situation.

4.Be A Learner

Try new things and start with baby steps.Read articles, books, research studies, news events and other subjects that you like. Try new food, take a class in a new field that you have never done before. Consider doing new some new things with a friend. Set an inspiring goal that will help create your new path. See the world with an open creative lens. Goals are not accomplished by accident. Gather all the evidence before making a judgement about anyone or anything.

5.Take Control Over Your Schedule

Take control over the people you see, what you do and where you go. Count on yourself to be proactively involved in events, new activities and new experiences that support your success. Embrace the foundation of where you are in your life. Do one new thing each day. It can be as simple as taking a different route that you normally take. Listen to someone that you completely disagree with.

6.Value Each New Experience

Remind yourself of the life you desire, how to keep going full speed, and the life beyond your comfort zone.  Seek new mental and physical experiences that challenge you. Know your competencies, your passions, your skillsets. A hobby can help you invest in yourself mentally and physically.

7.Avoid the One-Size Fits All Mentality

You and your business are unique.  Don’t settle for a concept or product that fits a one size fits all model. When it comes to shaping your development, the process may be harder than you originally thought. Acknowledge that it’s a tough process and work harder to achieve the best results. Your prospective clients will have unique circumstances and needs  People like having choices. Take the time to create a customized menu of services and products to meet the need.

8.Develop Character Through Mistakes

When you learn from your mistakes, it puts pressure on you to avoid a similar mistake. That said, embrace the lesson and don’t beat yourself up. Review the knowledge and experience you gain with the mistake. Work to find a balance between remembering the lesson and preventing the mistake from affecting your present momentum. Don’t keep score on failures and mistakes. Keep the faith.

9.Allow Yourself to Outgrow a Stale Career and Seek New Friendships

You must create your personal brand; it is your professional and personal identity. Packaging yourself is an important part of positioning yourself to find a new career and new friends. You are your brand. Your message, your body language, your expertise, social presence, and your friends make up your identity. Choose wisely.

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