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Are You Getting Enough From Your Life? 7 Simple Techniques to Assess Your Joy

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How many times have you heard these or some form of these questions? Do you have a job that you love?  Are you fulfilled by your work?  Are you in a career that you don’t enjoy? What are you passionate about? Are you doing what you love? It’s true that if you have the pleasure of doing exactly what you love you will never have to worry about being bored or feeling like it’s work.  If you don’t have a job that you are passionate about you are probably not getting enough from your life. Can you relate?  I can, I’ve been there.

What does “passion” really mean?  It can be difficult to explain and hard to find.   Passion is unique to you and to me. Webster says  passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. Wikipedia says Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. For me, passion is bringing more of my natural energetic style and depositing more of me into what I do.  Passion involves aligning who you are with what you do, period.

7 Secrets to Assess Your Joy

Reprogram Your Thinking quotescover-JPG-561. Your Feelings Create You and Your Joy

Before you can love your work and develop your natural skills, you must love who you are.  If you don’t love what you do, do you wonder why you are unhappy?  Getting not only enough, but my share from life strongly resonates with me. I found that when I opened the channel that housed my natural talents, it was instant happiness and not like work at all. I am never bored because I love what I am doing.  It took soul searching, heart breaks, letters to myself and a lot of tears. At one time, My corporate job was my dream job, until politics, stress and other factors took over.

What feelings are you dealing with that may be suppressing your joy? Think about your position in your company, your take home pay, your boss, your opportunities for advancement, your work schedule, how much overtime you put it, your training, personal and professional development. Are you headed in the right direction?  Identify the root of your unhappiness and disrupt its free flowing path in your life.

2. Spend More Time With Yourself

The first step to getting what you want from your life is to look at yourself with fresh objective eyes. Take inventory, take notes and take action.  What have you discounted, rejected or overlooked that would help you rebirth yourself? Your quest to find your skill is an inside journey. Spend some more time with yourself, learning more about you. Develop your creativity and captivate your capacity for economic reason.  How well do you know yourself? If you say you don’t have a skill, talent or passion, you are kidding yourself, period.  Get away from your distractions and your daily grind and allow your energy to flow. Engage yourself and find what you are good at.  Feed your persistence  muscles to make great things happen for you.

Passion Ingredients

Passion Ingredients

Passion Ingredients

Your Passion is

  • Formulated From Your Beliefs

  • Strengthened When you Activate Your Skills

  • Sustained by the Value You Provide

3. Track The Things That Uplift You Versus Things That Depress You

When you do what you love you have so much more energy, and more sizzle. Are the books you read uplifting? What about the movies you watch, games you play, online sites you view etc. Do they uplift you or depress you? Do they give you positive messages about life? If not, find some that do.

Interact with people who motivate and inspire you. I recall a quote from Jim Rohn that said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with“. You guessed it!  It makes sense that the habits, feelings and opinions of the people you spend the most time with will influence and rub off on you.

  • Connect with quality people that are respectful and that you admire.

  • How do you make people feel?

  • When you interact, are you uplifting or boring?

  • Reprogramming your thinking to a positive baseline can make you feel a million times better.

4. Incorporate Your Natural Talents Into Your Life

Whatever you are doing now, if you are not incorporating your talents does not mean you can’t. Your natural talents are vitally important, and could fit in technology, business, science, the arts, manufacturing, entertainment, and so many other industries.  Get good, great and then exceptional at a particular skill that you have mastered. When you soar with competence, your self confidence skyrockets and enables you to create your own path. Master one skill to seize the spark you need to get going. Ask yourself why do you love that skill?

  • How will you go beyond the norm and bring more of your fire and energy into your life?

  • Incorporate time to look after yourself and self improve.  Spend 1 hour a day pleasing yourself.

  • Eject unrealistic expectations that someone else has placed on you.

5. Put Yourself In Overdrive – You Have to Be Willing to Work Hard

If you think Figuring out What Really Brings You Joy sounds unrealistic because you have too many bills to pay, you have to make money and you don’t have time to figure it out, think again.

Your hard work and research will pay great dividends if you put yourself in overdrive. Simply stated, start meeting influential people who do what you want to do. Participate in online seminars, job shadow, take notes, find ways to get exposure, look for ways to be a guest on radio, tv, cable, internet, podcasts.

Take a few risk and be prepared to make a few mistakes.  If you don’t apply yourself, you will miss out on finding what brings you joy. Creativity Does Not Always Come From Within. It also comes from someone guiding you, structuring, mentoring, coaching you to the best out of you. You have to be willing to work hard and put yourself in overdrive. You can do it. Hard Work Encourages You When You See Positive Results from your Struggles

6. Work with What You Have

Teaching and mentoring is required to bring out your best. It helps builds personal pride in your achievement, enlivens your environment, and allows collaboration. Work with what you have, not what you wish you had. Is it time to dump your job that you have been doing for years? How well does my job align with what brings me joy?

What do you do now? Face your struggles, take stock,  Look at the time you have now. Take the time to find the talent inside you.  Be open and you will find a new personal portal and transform your life. Educate yourself on your creative capacities.  Your unique passion is an ingredient that is engrained in your soul. When you are you happy and smiling your passion is emerging. Appreciate yourself for your natural richness and allow your natural skills to surface.

Dear Me Look Back Letter 17. Reflect on the Past, Reconnect it to the Present

Find out how people describe interacting with you.

  • How do these past experiences influence your character today? How do they affect your confidence, core values, relationships, competence and decision making?

  • Identify the things that made you happy or furious or opinionated?

  • Are you your own worst obstacle?

  • Do you pass negative judgment?

  • How can you bring more of your best into what you do?

What companies, business leaders, industries, and organizations do you identify with?  Do they motivate and inspire you?

Make a list and keep adding to this list daily to start blending your experiences and forming your passions. Do one thing at a time. Follow these simple techniques and generate your exponential potential and get your fare share of joy from you life.

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